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Wearing The Mask Correctly

- Jul 18, 2018 -

1. stretch the headband before wearing a respirator on your face.

2. if the respirator is foldable, open the folding layer first.

3. hold the respirator and hold the metal nose clip at the fingertip, allowing the headband to hang freely.

4. make the nasal clip facing up and put the respirator on the chin. If there are two headbands, put the top belt on the top of the head, put the underneath belt over the head and place it behind the neck, below the ear. If there is only one headband, the headband should be placed at the top of the head. Make sure that the respirator covers your mouth and nose and covers your chin. A mirror can help adjust the position of respirators on the face.

5. put the fingertips on the top of the metal nose clip. If there is no metal nose clip, there is no way to adjust it. With your hands, press your nose on the nose bridge and shape the nose clip according to the shape of your nose. Single hand kneading nose can cause poor adhesion and reduce the protective effect. It must be operated with both hands.

6. every time you wear a respirator, check the tightness of the wearer. The check is divided into two steps. First, use both hands to completely cover the respirator, then quickly inhale to see if the respirator is tightly attached to the face. Then, both hands completely cover the respirator and exhaled. Be careful not to change the wearing position of respirator. If the air is found to leak near the nose bridge in these two processes, the nasal clamp should be re adjusted according to step 5. If air is found to leak from the periphery of the mask, adjust the headband to a more backward position.