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The Benefits Of Wearing A Mask In The Four Seasons

- Jul 18, 2018 -

The mask can not only isolate the bacteria, the dust in the air nonwoven mask, the fog and haze, but also protect the respiratory tract better, and the facial skin spring wind is especially dry. The skin of the face skin PM2.5 mask skin is blown up and the mask can protect the face skin. The girls in the beauty mask can bring a large mask to the neck. It is more cold and dry in the fall, and it is very dry and dry. People with oral diseases can better protect the respiratory tract with masks. People with rhinitis do as little as they are cold and harsh in winter, and there are many people with cold and haze weather, and wearing masks can isolate the bacteria in the air in time. Good protection of the immune system, the best with PM2.5 mask spray paint mask is to choose the mask is 3M mask, built in activated carbon, can effectively isolate formaldehyde and metal elements.