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How To Select And Use Medical Masks

- Jul 18, 2018 -

1. It is necessary to clean the hands before and after the wearing of the mask. The mask should be worn according to the packing instructions, the tether of the tight mask should be included, and the mask tight dust mask is attached to the face. If the mask is too loose and does not match the cheek, the air will enter from the open space next to it.

2, must cover the mouth and nose protection mask, some people only to cover the mouth is inaccurate, because the nose is the primary path of the human body air import and export.

3, the mask can not be worn on two sides, because the side of the side of the simple adsorption of bacteria, if there is no clear medical mask wash clean on the side of the face to wear, simple infection of germs.

4, a simple sweating and wetting mask, wet mask can not be used to prevent the invasion of the virus, then we should change the respirator. Most of the masks are ready for replacement and washing.

5, wear masks should not be too long, usually 6 hours for the upper limit, otherwise, long time can not breathe fresh air, will make their resistance to reduce. If you want to remove the respirator and replace it, you need to go to the clean area without virus infection and the place where the crowd will not gather.