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How To Clean The Mask

- Jul 18, 2018 -

In winter, many people wear bicycles, which are dubbed with dust and warmth.

When the temperature is low, wearing masks can make a good warming effect for the patients with rhinitis and asthma. If the fog weather, the dust, dust and other harmful particles in the air are more, the wearing mask can effectively separate them from the human body to avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases. However, the size of the masks should be moderate, and most of the masks can be covered by mouth, nose and orbit. Too large or too small is not appropriate.

Respirable mask is also a double-edged sword. Good use is good for the body. If used improperly, it may backfire. First, wear the mask should vary from person to person, and wear time is also exquisite, when the temperature is low, the cold can be properly worn, the temperature is high, the fresh air should be felt, and the second is to distinguish the opposite side of the mask when it is worn, and fold the front (the side of the mouth on the side) when you don't wear it, and don't hang it on the neck at random. To wear the opposite side, because the reverse is exposed, covered with dust, bacteria, and human contact with the body easily through the mouth and nose to inhaling these harmful substances in the body, damage the body weight loss. It is more to prepare a few masks, it is better to change with the use of washing (once used once a time), washing with boiling water for 5 minutes, then rinse with soap, rinse clean water and hang in the sun to dry.