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How To Choose The Color Of The Mask

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Guo Xiheng, director of the sleep and respiratory center of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that ordinary qualified masks are usually colorless masks. They are made of cotton gauze masks made of gauze and non-woven fabrics, without any chemical treatment, no odor, and good air permeability and filtration, so it is safer and more safe. Clean. And most of these fashion color masks, mostly chemical fiber fabrics, through chemical treatment, its patterns and colors are dyed by dye, may have a stimulating smell, some color mask inside and outside the color is different, and the air permeability is poor. Although it is beautiful in use, there is a certain risk of losing weight.

"Some color masks are dyed with dyes and have a certain odor. These odors can easily irritate the respiratory tract." Guo Xiheng said, long wearing such a mask, it is likely to have repeated coughing, breathing difficulties, even induced bronchitis, especially with respiratory allergy, asthma patients, wearing this kind of mask may aggravate the condition. If the mask is not good, or has a peculiar smell, it will cause irritation to the skin of the face or neck, causing skin allergy and other problems.

Guo Xiheng suggested that when buying a mask, you should buy a regular hospital or drugstore, do not buy in some roadside stalls, or buy only a good look when buying, but ignore the function of the mask itself. When choosing masks, we should choose suitable mask with moderate size according to the degree of cold and heat. Before wearing the first wash, prepare two change wear, and develop the day to wash the habit, after washing to the sun to get to the sun, or with boiling water, in order to disinfect.