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Advantages Of Medical Mask Materials

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Speaking of medical masks people are not strange, in the hospital and other areas of bacteria, often can see a lot of people wear medical masks, so medical mask is how to prevent bacteria and other toxins into the body?

First of all, from the material of medical mask, the filter cloth used mainly adsorb bacteria, viruses and prevent pathogens. The dense filter layer uses N95 filter material, which can filter particles, and can effectively prevent fly, blood, body fluid and secretions. The mask band is two long strips that pass through the holes on both sides of the mask. The nasal clip is located in the center of the upper layer of the filter layer, which is placed between the dense layer and the filter layer. The material is metal or metal plastic complex. It has both plasticity and strength, so it is convenient for the nasal seal to be worn.

It can be said that medical mask is the best thing to guarantee the mutual infection between the medical staff and the patient, so it is necessary to make the bacterial filter efficiency of more than 95% according to the national requirements in the production, which is the most important function of the medical mask.