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What is the difference between medical masks and ordinary masks

- Jul 18, 2018 -

As we all know, the distribution of medical resources in our country is uneven. Large hospitals and good hospitals are in big cities. For Beijing, there are dozens of tertiary hospitals. But in the large and small towns and rural areas, especially in the western region, medical resources are very scarce. The patients only recognize the large hospitals, and they run to the large hospitals to treat the common outpatient diseases in the small hospitals at the grass-roots level. It is obvious that the medical resources of the small hospitals are wasted, and the work of the large hospitals has been increased. Volume aggravates the difficulty of seeing a doctor in a large hospital, leading to a difficult phenomenon. To change the psychology of the hospital, the key is not to persuade the patient to go to the small hospital to treat the small disease, but to allocate the medical resources in a balanced way, and to increase the hardware input to the primary hospital, and the medical instruments should keep pace with the times. What are the differences between medical masks and ordinary masks? Let Xiao Bian of Bai Bai safety net get to know you with you.

Medical masks and ordinary masks are essentially no different.

However, medical masks must be highly hydrophobic and highly permeable, and are effective in filtering small virus aerosol or harmful dust. Ordinary respirators do not have such high requirements; medical masks are effective in blocking liquid spatter. Due to the possibility of blood or infectious body fluid splashing in the operation, this spatter has certain pressure, not a general liquid infiltration, and the ability of the mask material to obstruct the pressure liquid should be high. Only in this way can the medical staff be effectively protected. Therefore, in the standard of medical protective mask, a special testing method is used to test the performance of the barrier liquid of this kind of product; in addition, the medical protective mask is not allowed to have the expiratory valve. This is because a medical respirator is allowed to be used as a surgical mask. If a respirator is worn with a respirator, the microbes carried in the breath are discharged directly out of the mask and pose a threat to the patients who have been operated on.