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Knowledge popularization of fog and haze mask

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Winter is a high season for air pollution. PM2.5 frequent burst watches, we should popularize the knowledge of fog and haze mask.

First, correct a mistake: using gauze mask as respirator mask is the biggest mistake in using particle respirator.

A gauze mask is not a protective mask. As early as 2000, the government explicitly forbids gauze masks to be used as dust prevention in workplaces. The two key technical indicators of the respirator are the ability to filter the efficiency and the mask to insulate the air. The gauze mask not only has low filtration efficiency, and the mask also has obvious leakage. It can be detected by the fitness test method of respirator mask, and everyone can realize this at once. Some people think that a bit of protection is better than nothing, but if that is not enough, it should not be used. A good anti particle mask is not only suitable for users, but also has a certain comfort and durability, which shows that the increase of respiratory resistance is slow (large amount of dust volume), the mask is light, the head band is not easy to break down, the mask is not easy to be destroyed, the nose clip or the head band is fixed firmly, and the skin is not irritating to the skin.

Besides, the disposable medical masks bought in the drugstore are useless.

The activated carbon mask can not increase the dust proof effect. Activated carbon only increased the effect of some peculiar smell. There is no difference in the performance of protective particles with or without carbon. The activated carbon respirator can reduce the smell and does not increase the protection of particulates.

The concentration of particles in different environment is different, the properties of particles are different, the use time of each person is different, the amount of dust volume of various respirators is different, and the use and storage methods are different. These will affect the life of the mask, so there is no way to specify the specific replacement time. When any part of the respirator is damaged and the respiratory resistance increases obviously, the whole respirator should be discarded.

No matter whether it is anti virus or dustproof, any filter element should not be washed, otherwise the filter element will be damaged. The respirator can not be cleaned.