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How to wear masks to prevent disease effectively?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Many people wear masks, but do they wear masks to stop dust, bacteria and viruses? Many medical experts have pointed out that the way of masks on the road is odd and strange. How to wear masks correctly can be compared with the following suggestions:

1, before and after wearing a mask, you must clean your hands. You should wear masks in accordance with the packaging instructions, including the fastened cord of the tight masks, so that the mask can be clung to the face. If the respirator is too loose and does not fit the face, the air will enter through the side gap, so that it can not achieve the preventive effect.

2, we must cover all the mouths and noses. Some people just cover their mouths. It's not correct, because the nose is the main way for the human body to get in and out of the air.

3, the mask can not be worn on two sides, because the side of the face is easy to adsorb bacteria, if there is no clean clean on the side of the side to wear, easy to infection bacteria.

4, some people sweat easily and wet the respirator. When the respirator is wet, it can not effectively prevent the invasion of the virus. It is best to prepare several masks for easy replacement and washing.

5, wearing masks should not be too long, usually 6 hours for the upper limit, otherwise, long time can not breathe fresh air, will reduce their resistance. If you want to remove the respirator and replace it, you must go to a clean area where there is no virus infection and where the crowd is not concentrated.