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How to protect the health of the mask

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Now, many people often see a lot of people wearing medical masks. Why does this happen. As the air quality is getting worse, the dust and bacteria in the air can bring discomfort to the body of the human body. In order to solve this situation, people often choose to wear masks again when they go out. The door, so for us, to keep the cleanliness of the mask is also a way to ensure our health, and now it is introduced by the medical mask manufacturer.

Masks are directly related to our oral cavity and nasal cavity when we wear masks, so it is particularly important to keep the masks clean. In the process of wearing masks, we need to pay attention to some details. The positive and negative sides of the mask can not be used alternately, which will inhale the human body when the mask is contaminated directly on the face and become an indirect source of infection. When you don't wear a mask, fold your mask into a clean envelope and fold the face and nose close to your face. Don't put it in your pocket or hang it on your neck.

When our masks are worn, when we take a mask, we can't avoid getting wet on the surface, and it will greatly reduce the effect of the germs. Therefore, in the daily production, it is best to prepare a few masks to replace them. The use of the mask should be guaranteed 1 times a day. Rinse with boiling water for 5 minutes, wash with soap, rinse clean and hang in the scorching sun.