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How to choose industrial dust mask

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Industrial dust mask is a necessary weapon for workers engaged in heavy industrial work. A good industrial dust mask is the lifeline and safety guarantee of the workers. The best industrial dust mask is the best choice to be far from the dust.

How to choose the best dustproof mask?

1. the industrial dust mask must meet the safety requirements of the user. The protection level of the industrial dust mask must meet the KN100, the protection level of the nanoscale level and the protective effect can reach more than 99.97%, so that the safety of the user can be guaranteed completely.

2. the industrial dust mask must meet the workers' comfort requirements, many dustproof mask wearers face the face will be repressed and even produce indentation, some mask body smell is very strong even make people allergic. The mask of the industrial dust mask must be silicone material to ensure that it is non-toxic and tasteless and comfortable to wear. It must be tightly bonded with the face to ensure the safety of the protection.

3. the industrial dust mask must be a worker's mask, the industrial dustproof mask and the long life dustproof mask for the dust filter element, that is, the cost of comprehensive protection is calculated. If one is 1 yuan, one can be used for one day, the quality is poor, the protection level is low; one is 100 yuan for a half year, the quality and protection level is the best. There is no doubt about the choice of the second, the former spending is not effective protection, about 1 yuan per day, the latter has been effectively protected, about 0.6 yuan per day. This is the difference in quality. The economy needs to be considered in a comprehensive way.