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Classification of dustproof masks

- Jul 18, 2018 -

First, according to the frequency of use, it can be divided into disposable respirators, dust-proof respirators, dustproof respirators and recyclable respirators.

Two. According to the shape, it can be divided into half mask type, full plane type, cup type, duck mouth type and so on.


The duckbill dustproof mask is designed by the ship type, and there is an adjustable nose clip outside. The interior has a sponge bar. The design of the tightness belt is more consistent with the mechanical requirements. The sealing performance is good. It can bypass the ear and cross the head. It avoids the ear discomfort caused by the long wearing mask, and raises the comfort of the belt.

The three-dimensional design of this type of duck mouth mask makes the conversation more convenient, especially for purification room, medical use to prevent bacteria, virus infection, industrial use of small dust. This product is a fully automatic production line.

The inner and outer layers are made of soft PP non-woven fabric, which can reduce fiber shedding and increase the comfort of wearing.

The filter layer is made of high efficiency melt blown material, which can effectively prevent non oil particles from dust and air. Applications: construction, mining, textile, grinding, pharmaceutical, cement, glass, hardware and other industries.

Belt breathing valve

The design of the respirator with the expiratory valve is designed to reduce the accumulation of heat and make the breathing easier. It is suitable for the use of non-toxic, tasteless, anaphylaxis and non irritating raw materials for a long time under the environment of high temperature and high humidity. High filtration efficiency and low resistance can adjust the nose clip to make the mask and face tighten, dust can not be easily leaked into the filtered layer through electrostatic treatment, effectively filter and adsorb very subtle harmful industrial dust to prevent the supersonic wave welding of silicosis, and the loosely belt of the spandex material protects the wearer more effectively. Industry, agricultural animal husbandry, food processing industry, cement plant, textile mill, cutting dust, heavy metal harmful pollutants workplace.