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Classification of dustproof masks

- Jul 18, 2018 -

According to its structure and operation principle, it can be divided into two main categories: self priming filter and air supply type.

Self priming filter: the filtering principle of respirator is to make the air containing harmful substances filtered through the mask material and then be inhaled.

Gas supply: it refers to the clean gas source that will be separated from the harmful substances. Through the dynamic effect, such as air compressor, tight cylinder equipment, etc., the tube and mask are sent to the person's face for breathing.

The structure of the self - suction filter respirator is divided into two parts: one is the mask mask, and we can simply understand that it is a rack for a mask; the other is a filter material, filter cotton for dustproof, and chemical filter box for antivirus.

Self priming filter dust respirator also includes many varieties:

Half face type: a respirator covering only respiratory organs (mouth and nose).

Comprehensive: that is, masks can cover all the faces including eyes.

Electric air supply type: that is, after battery and motor drive, air containing harmful substances is filtered into the filter material to confess and breathe.

Half face mask is divided into:

Maintenance free type: this mask is mainly dust-proof, its main body and filter material are combined into one, and can not replace filter material.

Low maintenance type: the main body of this mask has no replaceable parts, and replace all masks when damaged.

General maintenance type: that is, each component of the mask can be replaced one by one when it is damaged.