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Can a mask really prevent PM2.5?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

"PM2.5 particles are very small and penetrable, and the mask materials sold in the market have decided that they are very limited in isolating tiny particles." Peng Yingdeng said that the so-called "PM2.5 mask", which is sold on the market at present, has three categories, one is gauze mask, and this kind of raw material is low in filtering power, and it has almost no isolation effect on PM2.5. The two is the activated carbon mask, which adds a layer of activated carbon. It is a material for the adsorption of gases. It can reduce some odor, such as the odour announced by the erosive substance, but it does not significantly protect the particles. The three is medical mask, divided into medical disposable mask and N95 mask. In comparison, the anti haze effect of the N95 mask is more ambitious, but it can not completely "shut the door" to the fine particles. It is because the city air pollution source is too many, people can not completely ensure that the mask and the face are fitted when the people are wearing it. Protective effect.

When is it necessary to wear a mask?

PM2.5 exists in the air, and a small number of PM2.5 will not affect the human body. We should not be too frightened to refer to the weather department's air quality conditions and pick up when to wear masks, and to pick out N95 masks when haze yellow or orange early-warning, and the PM2.5 index is higher.

The higher the power of the respirator, the higher the power of removing the suspended particles, the more breathing the breathing, the long-term wearing of the simple presentation of oxygen, chest tightness and other conditions, if you want to wear N95 medical mask, not too long, the old man, the respiratory system and heart and cerebrovascular disease people are especially aware of, once feel uncomfortable, it is necessary to quickly pick down. The respirator also has a great effect on the air. The breath we breathe is repeated into the respiratory tract. It also affects the well-being. In order to ensure the protective effect of masks, the skin should be tightened up to the maximum extent every two days.